New Book Release!

I was crying and laughing so hard reading your ‘thong’ article that my son came running over to make sure I was alright. ~ Christine C.

Just read The Sports Gene and chortled into my coffee. I, too, am missing this gene…thanks for the laugh!
~Chadene T.

Sarah Lemire is the 40-something’s answer to Irma Bombeck, every woman will find herself cackling at Sarah’s candid confessions.
~Pam D.

From banjo-playing aliens and bikini waxes, to crushing on John Denver and men in tight football pants, Connecticut writer, Sarah Lemire, has been entertaining readers for years with her award-winning humor columns.

Collected here for the first time in “I’ll Never Be a Hand Model: and Other Stories I Tell My Therapist,” these slice-of-life vignettes will have you laughing at Sarah’s hilarious spin on ordinary life.

Dysfunctional family trips, sarcastic observations, and childhood blunders all tumble together with wit and a heaping dose of secondhand embarrassment.

For more information or to schedule an author event contact Nick Bartos at or visit the The Social Motion.

“I’ll Never be a Hand Model” in the press!