Wedding & Home Stories


From Platters to Pizza: Wedding Wish Lists
The Final Countdown: Do’s and Don’ts in the last 24 Hours Before Wedding

Honeymoons on Hold
The Case for Premarital Counseling
First Looks
Let Them Eat Cake
When Weddings Go Awry
Wedding Hair Trends
Put a Ring On It
Wedding Gift Etiquette
Wedding Dances
Pretty Maids All in a Row: Bridesmaids Choose Dresses
Here Comes the Mother of the Bride

Samantha Gale Designs: Inspired By Nostalga
Fabulous Floors
Furniture Restoration Best Left to the Experts
Pet Smart: Reducing Pet Damage to Your Home
Safe and Sound: Home Security
Best Winter Projects
Cleaning Your Basement Mess

Appliance Longevity
Romancing the Home for Valentine’s Day
Holiday Home Lighting
Seasonal Decorating
Leaf Season 101
Breathing New Life into Old Bedrooms
Home & Work: The Latest in Home Offices
Autumn Landscaping
Trash for Cash: Turning Spring Cleaning into Money
Natural Pools